Brian Gamble – Vocals

Brian is a multi-talented performer. In addition to singing, he’s an accomplished professional wrestler and runs his own production company, Spark4Productions.

Sharif Jameel – Guitar & Backup Vocals

Sharif has been playing guitar on various projects for over 20 years. His influences include 80’s metal rock bands such as Dokken and Poison in addition to virtuoso guitarists such as Eric Johnson and Joe Satriani.

Ryan Mason – Bass & Backup Vocals

Ryan is a musical jack of all trades. While he plays bass for the band, he also can hold his own on guitar, drums, and keyboards. His main influences come from the realm of classic rock including Led Zeppelin, Steve Miller Band, and The Outfield.

Scott Mason – Drums

Scott has been hitting the cans for 30 years and plays anything & everything.

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